Domokur Architects on the Conference Trail

Several of Domokur Architects’ staff have been busy taking part in various professional conferences across the States or preparing for ones in the coming months. Whether we are presenting on a topic or attending as members, these events keep our architects and technical staff connected to the professional realm and abreast of the most current trends in the various areas that our firm operates. Below are a list of the recent conventions, conferences and expos we’ve been fortunate enough to put on our schedules recently.

Just this week, Greg Copeland presented at the YMCA Camp Marketing & Financial Development Symposium in St. Louis. Having worked with over 60 YMCA Associations over his 40 years of camp and landscape design, he was invited to present the findings of the YMCA Resident Camps Capital Improvement Study that was completed earlier this year. Surveying 46 YMCA associations, this ambitious study involved strong coordination between our planners, volunteers at the Y, and Lighthouse Counsel. The survey gathered information regarding each camp’s individual capital needs for current and future improvements, giving the YMCA of the USA a unique understanding of the conditions and needs of roughly 25% of the 222 YMCA resident camps. Greg was joined by Maggie Allen, one of our project planners, with whom he also presented a special interest session on interesting trends and facts they observed while conducting the survey.

In May of 2015, one of our project architects, Rob Donaldson, will be presenting at the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) National Convention in Atlanta. His presentation will examine the BioCellar, an imaginative community greenhouse built on the reclaimed foundation of a foreclosed house in Cleveland, OH, for which he served as project architect. He will be presenting alongside Mansfield Frazier, an editorial writer and owner of Chateau Hough (an urban winery where the BioCellar located) and Jean Loria, a biologist who pioneered the concepts for the BioCellar.

Randy Doi, a long-standing member of the Society of College and University Planners (SCUP), attended the annual International Conference in Pittsburgh earlier this year. Having previously presented seminars that examined the dynamics of today’s learning environments, Randy was glad to touch base with friends and colleagues from previous SCUP conferences, as well as to meet new leaders in the higher education industry.

In addition to the YMCA symposium, Greg also delivered a presentation on “Great Camp Buildings” at the American Camp Association’s (ACA) Southeastern Conference in Savannah. Lastly, four of our staff attended the annual Greenbuild International Conference and Exposition last month in New Orleans, where they attended seminars demonstrating the most up-to-date green building standards.