YMCA of the USA: Resident Camp Capital Improvement Study

Domokur Architects is pleased to announce that we have recently been awarded an exciting nationwide project with the YMCA of the USA. We will be assessing the needs of all YMCA resident camps nationwide, over 300 camps, by completing a comprehensive capital planning study throughout the United States. With 128 years of Y camping history, YMCA camps serve more than 200,000 young people each year.

The comprehensive study will build on a survey completed by the YMCA in 2013. Just under one-third of all YMCA resident camps completed the survey and reported over 100 individual capital projects that would improve their camps. The comprehensive study will delve deeper into every camp to understand current conditions, future facility needs, potential challenges, and fundraising options. Having worked with 62 YMCAs on 86 YMCA camps over the last 40 years, we recognize the positive impact that this study will have on YMCA camp experiences.

Domokur Architects has 40 years of experience in the camping industry. We have helped 450 camps and camping organizations translate their missions and goals into organized, comprehensive master plans. For more information, visit www.domokur.com.