Fall 2011

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Campus Image Defined at North Central State College

Fallerius Center Opens

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Optimum Solutions for Healthcare Clients

Architect Lucas Kraft becomes EDAC Certified

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Greg Copeland Authors Book

The book encompasses over 39 years of Greg’s experience working with over 400 camps across the United States.

With the help of several staff at Domokur Architects, Greg has authored the first new book on camp site planning since 1975.  The book is intended to be an introduction to master site planning for camps.  It includes a number of real life examples through each stage of the planning process and denotes a series of resources available through the Internet.

“While the basic steps are the same the methods are dramatically different. In 1975 digital information was a futurists dream. There were no personal computers, no cell phones, no Internet, no computer aided design programs available to the public. On the regulatory side, there were no national laws associated with wetlands, ADA, ground water quality, or sustainable energy and design. Every step was paper based and done by hand.”

You may purchase the book at www.amazon.com or www.createspace.com

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