Domokur at CANstruction

In our sixth year of participating in CANstruction, and responding to this year's theme of Champions for (against?) Hunger, we chose to represent classic comic book character Popeye.

Since 1929, the fictional cartoon character Popeye has brought joy to millions of Americans. He is one of the longest running cartoons of all time.

The sailor man with the oversized forearms (made from cans of Baked Beans) and corncob pipe (Green Beans) is well known for his ability to pummel bad guys after eating a can of spinach (appropriately made from cans of Spinach!). During the height of his popularity, Popeye was credited with boosting spinach sales throughout the country by one-third - and a 2010 study revealed that children increased their vegetable consumption after watching Popeye cartoons.

Several of our staff volunteered their time to design, plan, and construct the model, and several gracious sponsors provided donations for the model's many cans. With their amazing generosity, we were able to reach the amazing 3,000 can milestone!

CANstruction is a national nonprofit organization that hosts annual design and build competitions for teams to construct structures and sculptures made entirely of canned food. The entries are judged in various categories, and, following a short public display period, are dismantled and donated to a local hunger relief organization. For the Cleveland-Akron CANstruction, all food will be donated to the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank and the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

Click on this link to watch the build in action!

A big, special thanks to our sponsors for the event:

  • Mike Domokur
  • CFI Interiors
  • Hilscher-Clarke Electric Company
  • Imhoff Construction Services
  • Lerch's Donuts
  • Milliken & Company
  • Northeast Box Company
  • RT Hampton Plumbing and Heating
  • Shaw Contract Group
  • Thomas Brick