Phillip Griffith

Phil serves as Domokur Aviation's full-time pilot. With over 40 years of flying experience that includes almost 9000 hours of flying time, Phil brings a high level of knowledge to our team.  He has flown as a corporate pilot for private companies since 2002, was certified as a flight instructor in 1972, and has been instructing on a contract basis at Skypark Airport in Wadsworth, OH since 1997.

Domokur Aviation operates a 2012 TBM 850 and a Cessna 172. The TBM 850 is the world's fastest single engine turbo prop with a maximum cruise speed of 320 KTAS (593 km/hr) while reaching altitudes of up to 31,000 ft. Owning the planes grant Domokur Architects the flexibility to control travel expenses and schedule, which enables us not only to commute between our various offices more easily, but also to reach regional airports in more rural locations (such as camps and college campuses). We have also used the plane for aerial photography of project sites.